Pet Care – How to Make Amazing Dog Farm – Bhola Shola

Pet Care – How to Make Amazing Dog Farm – Bhola Shola


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Pet Care is a pet awareness initiative by Harwinder Grewal. Who is an owner of Grewal Pet Shop and Farm, Main Road, Adampur. In his videos, you can get deep knowledge about pets in the Hindi Language.

We were hoping to get a sizing formula. But it turns out there’s no such thing. Kennel sizing is based on how much time your dog will be spending in the kennel and how much room you have to spare. If your dog is going to be outside all day, he needs a larger kennel so he can run and exercise. If you make it too small, he’ll take every opportunity to “get even” with you and your neighbors with nonstop barking and other bad behaviors. So larger is better.

For walls and doors, chain link fencing is your best bet (4 ft. tall minimum, and taller if you have a larger dog). It’s affordable and easy to assemble, and you can buy premade wall and door sections at any home center. Buy a spring-loaded “snap clip” to secure the swing-down latch (some dogs can figure out how to open those latches and escape).

If your dog is a digger, you’ll have to embed a “direct burial” treated 2×12 below the fence. Or bury the fence itself about 1 ft. into the soil (see Figure A). Those methods aren’t foolproof, but they’ll usually prevent a “great escape.” Screen off any sides that face streets or sidewalks by sliding privacy slats through the fencing. That’ll cut down on barking and overall stress.

When it comes to flooring material, concrete may seem like the best choice because you can slope it for drainage and it’s easy to clean. But it’s actually a mistake. The hard floor will, over time, cause calluses, worn pads, splayed toes and painful joints. Instead, Lisa recommends either large pea gravel (some dogs eat smaller gravel) or large flat stones (flagstone). The irregular shapes actually help your dog develop stronger paws. But before you throw down gravel or set the stones, take the time to install a sand base for drainage at least 6 in. deep if you’re building on clay. Then lay down landscaping fabric to prevent weed growth. You’ll probably scoop out gravel along with the poop, so it’ll need replenishing every year. If you have enough space, the ultimate dog oasis is a grassy area within the kennel.

Several companies offer composite flooring materials for dog kennels. It definitely looks better than gravel and is easy to clean. But if your dog likes to chew things, it’s not a good choice—unless, of course, your vet does free surgery. Plan on a surfaced path to the kennel. If you just have grass, you’ll soon have a muddy path. All that mud will get tracked into the house.

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